True treasure

The Gossip Column , I was waiting for this challenge for a month now. I know that Teheerah will post in Winni and Walter at the day one in this month . When I checked iI I was shocked.

I was shocked for a good time of these amazing cards.It is a really a tough challenge, and I am not in the mood of shiny cards these days (more in pastel and CAS) . I was amazed with these card that Thaheera made for this challenge and I was thinking who come she thought of these birillant idea. Taheera made it too hard .

here is the link of this amazing challenge   The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.5 – Precious Metals


Here is my idea to use a sequins as a reflection of the precious metals.

and here is my card


I used a free printable PDF Winni and Walter  pattern in a large scale then cut the part that I like to make it as my background I arrange my sequins according to my pattern by stronger adhesive but the line down of it was partially appearing in between sequin so l had to re do it after I coloured my background with black marker .

and then I re do it becouse I want it to be a little smaller scale, so it took around a day to finish it.

I wanted to make it clear with no window card but i thought this will protect the sequins  more for future.

l embossed true truser from true winni and Walter stamp set on vellum with red golden embossing powder placed them in a gray card stock matched with the gray background card stock .

I would like to share my doughter card that she made with me as I promised here (she just turned 6 this month ) she used here own sequins and she had the same pattern that I have .


I here design came out so pretty  , she used a jumbo, colourful sequins

I hope you like it.

have a happy weekend filled with  precious moment.



4 thoughts on “True treasure

  1. Maryam, I was certain I had left a comment here before! But it doesn’t seem to be here so let me try again!

    First of all, thank you so much for your kind words about me and about the challenge! They really mean so much to me!!

    Secondly, your card is just fantastic! I applaud you for going outside of your comfort zone and really embracing the spirit of the challenge in your dazzling creation! All those sequins back such a punch and I love how you used the free digi as the basis for the pattern! Brilliant work!! Thanks for spreading The Gossip on w&w’s The Gossip Column!


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