fablous friend

Good evening, crafter

I made this card but I didnt have time to post until late tonight! and it took me  some time to finish it ,image

this card for my  best friend and the most close one to me .I miss here , she is an enterior designer and she is so good in free painting . She is the one that pushed me to used my  kids colour when I to overcome my depressed mood ( I live in the north with long winter and no sun )  And she is the first one that gifted me some watercolour, and painting paper . As I told you she is so good in painting ,  I remember when she was so made and had to wake up all the night to get the right colour and she had to re do here painting again for some evaluation exam coz she is not sustufeid with the colour that she creat and she had to start over again with a new colour ( I see that there is no difference between them ).

I draw this vas and I coloured , I know it is not the perfect but I like what I did . This card for here And to show here that she is unique and who she put colours and fun in my life.

thank you my dear sister ( she is the only and the youngest  ) for every thing. I miss you . All my best wishes to you.


In this card I stamped these flowers from w&w in bloom  addias garden stamp set . I coloured them yellow and the red one I mad 3 andcut them and made it with 3 dimension .

I am entering these challenges

WCMD 2016 | Make A Card For A Friend with Taheerah


Thanks for stopping on my post.

my best wishes to you.. Maryam


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