You are amazing

Hi, crafter

I made these two non identical twin cards card.


for the first card i had this idea to stamp and colour on foil and i tried many tech. Some of them was ok and the other was terrible. I did not like the smooth foil apperace . So I decided to make it cracked look and wrinkle foil background at this moment it was hard  to stamp or emboss on it so I did a heat gold embossing for my flower ( Addie’s garden in bloom from w&w  ) on clear acetate then I coloured with shades of pink and purple . I felt wow , it gives me the look of painting on mirror clear upper layer(glass ) and shinny back layer . I add a little bit hint of blue on foil around the flower  . I made this fram from pink metalic embossing corse powder I had but I didn’t use it for embossing i glued it to my cardstock to creat this fram and I added extra fine gold glitter at the edges . For my tag I did a gold heat embossing to the sentiment and the edges then tied it with gold clear ribbon . Add a gold sequins at the end .

here is my card


For The second one I made this clear metalic  sequen shaker card With this lovely colour combination of the metalic , purple and pink shades.

I stamped my flower in clear acetate with gold embossing . I coloured it with my ink pad . I filled it with many diffrent gold ,  silver and a  little bit of pink and purple sequen . I want to make it absolutly clear but  I liked more when I frame it. for my background I tried many thing but I did not like them and I thought a glittery background will be perfect. I put a strong double side tape adhesive and I sparankeled  purple ,pink and , gold  fine glitter in pattern to creat it. i stamped (  your amazing ) from sss with red gold embossing , add a lovely gold coloured ribone to my tag. I was not sure which fram Shold I put , I tried gold , its give it more shiny look and The silver make it less shine. Then I decided to go with both.



Here is the inside of my card and my lovely sparkly  background.


Love them both.

I am entering these challenges

Gossip column with taheerah Winni and Walter 


And I am entering SSS Flickr challenge 56




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