Foil embossed card

Hi, cardmaker

this card i really spend lots of time and I had to do lots of trial. May be it is not that perfect and I personally prefer the others cards. It’s looks simple and easy  but believe me it took me a bout 2 month to be able to make it.

from day one on   W&w The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia Precious Metals I had many idea storemed in my mind  print on foil was my first poped idea , doing stitched , and using squint .
i tried many time to make solid impression om the foil but i didn’t like it , I tried to stencils some of  geometric  from w& w freebies . I did diffrent patienting and colouring them but it need the stamp to be good.  And finally I had this idea  to combine bboth make a  stamp negative impression and heat embossing.

I faced some obstacle , first one when you do impression it get you the exact as your stamp but when you stamp it get you the negative (the opposite direction) . So I came with this idea.

I stamped my image with clear embossing ink in to flat stamp (I used  the w&w woodgrid then I used  the back of another  old stamp I wasnt sure if it will affect it) . Then I transfer it to my  foil paper and I heat embossed it with gold embossing powder .then  I stamped my flower again in a heavy cardstock and cut it . I tried to fit my clear stamp over the foil and add some presssure and now you can feel the flower is more promenat than if it’s heat embossed only. I put my card stock in the opposite way and cut the foil with some distance around it  and wrape it well secured it with sticky tap.

Then I tried it on dffrent coloured cardstock but I didn’t like it.i like more this way by it self. So I decided to make it a clear card. I scored and cut a heavy acetate to make my card base i put a golden frame . i felt it is so imple sthen I add these silver stitches inside my frame I stitched it in a thin acetate after I run it in a stitched die cut so it will give me the exact position and make thes little stitched marker . and again still I feel it need something else so diced it I will make it shaker card I add clear seed beads with gold hint in the middle . then i heat embossed my sentement with white embossing powder add some gold shimmer over it and laied it over golden glitter strip.

from my point of view, Stamping and embossing on foil is not that practical  and there are many easer techniques and gives you better than that o. I just want to try a new technique. I know using embossing folder with hard metal sheet gives you very pretty effect. But I do not have any heavy metal sheet to try on it .

you can find few posts talking about stamping and heat embossing on foil . One of them I found it in winni and Walter blog . For that reason I liked to share these cards  if anyone was intressed and can do much better .  Theses cards was a trials that leads me to my finial cards .


i am entering these challenges

The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.5 – Precious Metals

Sss Wednesday anything does

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My best wishes .



One thought on “Foil embossed card

  1. These are such great experiments, and you have really impressed me with your ingenuity and perseverance with each one of your creations. This is exactly what a challenge is meant to do and I am so so happy that you embraced that fully!! Another couple of stunning cards and a lot of clever details – inspiration heaven!! Thanks for spreading The Gossip on w&w’s The Gossip Column!


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