Sending hugs


finially The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.6 – Marble at winnie and walter blog .

Usually i do not write too much . but i can not do that with my cards in gossip column challenge. For who does not know this amazing challenge . It made with the super talented Taheerha .bring an amazing , unique challenge .

in this very unique challenge you will find  a very usful scientific information about the marble , pluse lots of lovely chossen inspiration photos of the marbles (which i love them  all) and a very stunning unexpected cards. Onestly i do not know who Taheerah came with these amazing creations. That ie usually put me in a shock stase  for a few days till my mind can accept the challenge and try to get in the mood.

In this challenge Taheerah asked us to think outside the box and try a new techniques.

For  this card i was trying many techniques , but nothing convinced me to share it with you yet. Today my kids wee doing some colouring with there crayons . And i was made about hwo they throw it at floor . At this moment this idea poped to my head. I remember when we were small we used to melt crayon and do some art work.

For this card ,  I draw some of marbles on a card stock with a acrylic paints i used manily the black , gery and white . Then I melted some of my kids broken crayon between folded wax paper by iron . then i put my cardstock and more  small piece of crayons in the area that i fell i want to add more on to it. I had a golden powder i appled some of it in my card stock . Melted again for the last time. Finillay i am happy with the result.

what i love about this card , that it is have a lovely texture  and you can feel some elevation as redging and it is very soft (silky ) from the melted crayon . I wished if the camera can capture these golden lines and the skidhtly texure in this card.

I die cut this lovely  hugs word from winnie and walter cutdies. I stamped sending and the lovely sentement from w &w  stamp wet






made this card to enter

Winnie and walter The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.6 – Marble

The card concept 77 pretty things

I was inspired with this  colour combination


Wednesday sss challenge something new

i hpoe you like it.



i re photo this card at the time of publishing this card there was no sun at this time of the year and I found this card is much better with sun.






8 thoughts on “Sending hugs

  1. OMGosh – absolutely *stunning* card Maryam! The technique the the acrylic paints and crayons is so clever! And you always leave me lost for words, blushing and grinning from ear to ear with your kind words and generous praise! It makes me so happy that you love the column so much.

    Thanks for spreading The Gossip on w&w’s The Gossip Column!


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