Marbles with alcholic ink


i am back again with these set of cards for the amazing ….The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.6 – marbles….

with this challenge you can’t  stop thinking hwo to creat an amazing marbles background espicially with super creative and talented Taheera . Thanks for let me search for this fabulous technique to create something totally new for me.

I used  alcholic ink in all my card to creat some kinds of marbles . I had these ink for 2 months now and I didn’t give my self a chance to play with them. They give an maxing results but it is really hard to control them . I want lots of time and practice to come with some thing nice. I had to throw lots of cardstock for learning.







In my first card that I am entering this challenge with .  I used ranger alcoholic ink to creat this rainbow marble background it reminds me for these glass balls marbles that we use to play with it when we was small. I placed it over silver glitter background and gray to give this effects of glass marbles . I placed lines of ranger ink on acetat the I used lifting technique to add the ink into the card stock. I had to make it many time in diffrent arrangement to give me this look. I die cut the word die happy From Winnie and Walter add my sentement. I love this card and this technique .it is a happy card.


For my second card and trial.


In this card I want to make this trdish marble heart and I wanted over Blackish background. But I don’t have black alcohol ink so I did some search who to make DIY alcoholic  ink. I used  black Wilton  gel food colouring to make it, but i gives me this deep blue colour and it was ok  for me . So maybe I can use it as alcoholic ink i run out of them. I made this  marbled heart with alcoholic ink I used 4 colour to creat them . To finish my card which is so dark for the main elements. I used white cardstock to die cut the thanks word. Add some glue pen  at one end and some glitter . And add more glitter to the frame .



For my 3rd card and trial



In this 3rd card, I want to show hwo is beautiful this marbled heart so I die cut with the plan heart die cut from Winnie and Walter heart die cut . I placed over a white cardstock add you are prioueus add this glittery edges. I love in this card who does the marbles pop over the white.and a little of  glittery border.


These are my cards for this post I hope you like them .but I would like to share sommmme of these cardstock that I made



This the background that I made with Wilton gel food colour I choose black but came like this colour but what I like that they have some black tiny crystals that didn’t dissolve and give this lovely blackish dots in it. At the end it contaminated with some yellow alcholic ink so I add some golden shimmering powder and add some colours.


this is my cardstock with liquid food colour.


i want to share this experiment that I made with lique food colour to make a alcoholic ink. I just want to try it . But absolutely I will never make it again. It gives me a fixed not moving inks with alcohol soulion.

i am entering these challenges

The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.6 – Marble

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2 thoughts on “Marbles with alcholic ink

  1. I love not only all these artistic interpretations and the fantastic results, but also that you always push yourself out of your comfort zone – whether it’s a new technique, mixing your own alcohol ink or doing a rainbow effect – all these are so brilliant and brave and so in the spirit of the challenge! So well done Maryam!

    Thanks for spreading The Gossip on w&w’s The Gossip Column!


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