marbleized gift wraps and tags

Hi, everyone

it is a   busy month at Winnie and Walter blog they have a birthday bash chllenges. I really lOve every thing about this lovely company..know that I should submit more cards in there amazing challenges. But my mind still on the marbles in craft.

I tried many marbles techniques. . For today post I choose something diffrent from day one I was putting gift wrap photo in my mind . After making some cards with marbles . I relasized I prefer them more in gift wrappings and tags.. I used to do lots of simpl creative wrapping before and I almost forgot that with my new interest with cardmaking.

This is the first gift wrap i Made… I used gouche paint to make my wraps I used W&W heart die cut.


after that I couldn’t resist to make all these. Still  I have more idea but I am leaving everything for trying to make these marbles . Definitely I fall in love with this extremely elegent theme challenge ❤️😍💕 .


This one made with the same  idea  with diffrent style from shker tag to other . Simpley these are my favourite colour combinations. One of them is  lindys gang powder warped with the shaker for my sister, she liked them.



This  black marble wrap with white no  little gold veins I made with acrylic, gouche paint.wroed with nite tulle ribbon with happy sweet wished tag.


New colour combination for me in this thanks friend tag .


I used my kids crayon in the cardstock  between washed paper to creat this gift bag .but I found the waxed paper came with a pretty marbles effect so i used it to make anather treat bag. But they came out  little dark in colour .


Nil polish marbles tag , gift card nd card envelope. I like them more in wrapping than in card. I Love the one with xoxo tag more . These are absolutely my favourite



And this is small watercolour powder tag. Give the wrap the perfect shine never light . i used diffrent lindys magical powder jars.


I saw lots of lovely marbles with glass and I wanted to use stamp with them so I came with idea I used alcholic ink in the back of glass . And I stamped my best friend in a white paper attached with a double sided tape to the back of the glass then I stamped these circles from the big circle tree from kindness W&W  stamp set. I wrapped with rainbow ballon . This is my kids favourite one.



These last two one I made with  alcholic ink  I used yellow,brown in the first tag and pink ,red,and purple  I stamped flowers from W&W  addias garden.



I love the second one more very happy and bright. I should fill it with a treat when I am giving them.

this is from my kids playdou. I made this marble heart make this hole with  straw me I leaved to dry. I attached to the gift .


And here is anather arrangements


I really  enjoyed making these marbles . I would like to thank Taheerah for encouraging us .

I am entering this lovely amazing challenge.

The Gossip Column with Taheerah Atchia | No.6 – Marble


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