You are awesome 

This my card for Little tangled challenge 80 stencile 

I used hexastare stencile from neat and tangled to creat this background .. I put double sided tape on cardstock . Then I cut the circle . I put the the stencile over the taped card . I used 3 colour of fine glitter .. on the first trial I moved the stencil a bit so it did not gives me a clear line and after I moved it I faced the sticky tape in the site of the stencile so I put silver glitter in two are . It turned out not that good . After that I tried to apply manytime soft Cloth to get red of the stickiness. 

On the second trial I secured the stencile well on the card base and I had to find something white will stick on the sticky parts and will not affect the card. So I tried a corn starch . And it turned out very fablous and gives me what I wanted. 🙃😉👌🏽

This background it totally glittery and awesome . I made it a 3 level card I put acetate to gives more depth to the circle part. I put a black frames to gives more contrast between the glitters and the white part. 

And this a photo for both cards.. you can see the difference between them .. 

And this is during processing I love who these glitter is shining and secured in its place with double sided tape 

I am entering these challenges 

Littletanges stencil challenge 80

SSS Wednesday a bit of sparkL
Thanks for stopping by.

I wish you love my card and the technique that I tried it today…

Wish you lovely weekend …



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