Septumber Winnie and walter leading lady take 3

Hello ,
The time runs by so fast, I can’t believe that I am posting my 3rd. post as leading lady for September at winnie and walter blog.

Here is my cards that I made for this post , I used alcohol ink they are always fun and jouable ,

There was a story that encouraged me to make these cards. I was trying for the whole week to make a cards that I would like to share it with you . I was writing a list for the techniques that I would like to share with you in this month but I wasn’t in the mood to make any of them . And after few days of trying I realized that I lost my mojo .It’s a Bad timing, for not to be in the crafty mood .I Wondered if I should try my magical description for returning back my mojo. Usually when I loose my mojo I grap some of ranger alcohol ink and play with them there vibrant colors elevate my mood and brighten my mind.


usually found it’s a little tricky to design a cards with alcohol inks with all these vibrant colors and busy backgrounds., I was so happy that I figured out how to over come that in this post .

You can watch the video for these cheerful cards here ..

Let’s start the fun part.

For my first card I tried these dark vibrant colors from ranger alcholic inks on a yupo paper . Here is some tips for making this card..

# I wet a yupo paper with alcohol solution ( I don’t have an alcohol blending solution so I used isopropyl alcohol instead)
# I applied these alcohol inks ( butterscotch , willow, indigo, patina , amethyst, and purple twilight ) as little strips next to each other then I let them to blend , because the underneath alcholic solution it made this blending is going easy .
# I sprayed more blending solution over the blending ink to get them more blended and move the colors around .

# I wanted to add a texture so I added a little strips of silver metallic mixative ink and more blending solution to get every thing smooth
# I used the scallop heart from winnie and walter true-dotty-heart-cutaways to cut in the center of the inked card, then I mounted it over a white card stock
# I wanted this card to be a window card to brighten these strong colored background . So I die cut the white base card with the smaller dotty heart border from the same dotty heart cutaway in a place that fit with the upper layer

# I stamped the love and you from winnie and walter in a word love stamp set with permanent inks over a piece of vellum to preserve the open window effect on this card .

For my second card
I wanted to try something different, instead of using these vibrant colors I want a less pigmented colors .so I diluted a little of inks with blending solution, then I started the fun..

.here is a little tips for who I achieved this background .

# I applied a little amount of the solution for the base before applying the ink over them .
# when I used the diluted ink it was harder to control the blending I think because it was too fluidly.

# It took more time to dry than the concentrated one over a yupo paper.
# I used almost the same technique as the first card by applying stripes on the yupo, blending them with more solution, then adding the silver tone .

# for this card It was a not that vibrant like the others ones so I used the whole paper in making the card , I turned it to shaker I die cut the yupo paper with winnie snd walter true-dotty-heart-cutaway fill it with a white sequin to brighten the card.
# for the sentiment I used W&W winnie snd walter in bloom ashlees Rosie Posies stamp set.

My 3rd card was almost the same like the second but I used the full strength of the alcholic ink to make this vibrant rainbow card.

I die cut the spoty heart from winnie and walter true-dotty-heart-cutaways in a silver glittery sticky foam , I placed it over the larger scallop heart from the same die cut set.

For the u I die cut from winnie and Walter typecast cary letters cutaways . with 3 heavy black cardstock the upper one was glittery .

Then I white embossed this perfect sentiment for this card from winnie and walter dotty about you stamp set.

Finally my last card, although bright red is not my color at all ,but I like this card so much.

In this card I wanted to share with you who I can get almost the same brighter and vibrant colors even if I didn’t use yupo , by using acetate over a white card stock .

# I applied some blending solution at the acetate , then I used different shades of pinkish red ranger alcohol ink over it.

# I placed a white scrape of paper under the acetate to see who they blend . I added some gold metallic mixative inks .

# before the inks were almost dried . I applied foil sheet randomly over some area .it Stick on the sticky ink and got the glittery foil accent.

# I designed the white base card . I stamped these heart from winnie and walter in a word love stamp set with first full strength ink and second faint generation trying to follow some order by placing the biggest heart in the top then the smaller in the down . I stamped the smallest one at the bottom .
# I stamped randomly some mini love sentiments from winnie and walter in a word love stamp set between the hearts .
# I placed the acetate over it with some dimensions foam tape. Then I die cut this frame from winnie and walter essential bu lana cutaways using heavy stock black cardstock
# I found this card would be extra busy if I added extra sentiment so I left the card without any more main sentiment.

Thank you so much for joining me today ! Don’t forget to head over to my blog maryams craft and leave a comment on all of my Leading Lady posts for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to winnie snd walter store, generously provided by Shay!!

Have a great weekend all.




24 Comments Add yours

  1. Pai says:

    These are stunning!


  2. hsmom24kids says:

    So beautiful. I was playing with my alcohol inks just yesterday! I love how fluid and dynamic these backgrounds look!


  3. Dana M says:

    Amazing card designs! Gorgeous and fun backgrounds. Looks like you found your mojo 🙂


  4. Rebecca Yahrling says:

    Glad you found some mojo with these beauties! They are all gorgeous.
    I don’t have any alcohol inks myself, but I might just buy a few just to play.


  5. Denise Bryant says:

    Such beautiful creations! Love the alcohol inks… I have a lot of them but haven’t used them in a long time! You’ve inspired me!


  6. Janis in ID says:

    Loved your video, Maryam!! So wonderful to hear your own voice narrating your creative process. You did a FABULOUS job! Love your gorgeous cards. No one would guess you were struggling with your mojo. Thank you for sharing!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Janis it’s super sweet of you, your kind words made my day. Glad to know that you liked my video. I wasn’t sure that I should share my videos yet .


  7. I love the beautiful color work, thank you for the ideas:)


  8. Dee Earnshaw says:

    love the fabulous colors you created with the alcohol inks – these cards are just gorgeous 🙂


  9. shartl says:

    These cards and backgrounds are amazing! I haven’t done much with alcohol ink but now I want to get my hands on some and play. My favorite background is the blue and purple looks magical!


  10. Greta H says:

    So inspiring! All your cards are gorgeous & I can’t wait to try & use my AIs for something like you made!


  11. karenladd says:

    I think I need to take out my alcohol inks again and make some backgrounds after seeing your beautiful set of cards! I love how each background comes out differently and can be used in so many unique ways. Thanks for the tutorial!


  12. Ashwini says:

    Absolutely gorgeous cards, Maryam!! Totally loved the combination of the True Dotty Heart with the beautiful alcohol inks backgrounds! They all look absolutely spectacular!!


  13. Teri S. says:

    Maryam this is my first visit to your blog & I am stunned by the beauty of your cards. I don’t have alcohol inks, (though I covet them – lol) but I don’t know of another medium that gives you these bold coloured yummy random swirls. I like creating backgrounds & can sure relate to not having the faintest foggiest idea about how to turn them into cards. You have Most Definitely overcome that! Each card is unique & the dies you used just add to the beauty. I am going to subscribe to your blog as you are so talented & inspiring. Thanks so much!


  14. Stacey Kowbel says:

    Wow, fantastic cards! The alcohol inking you did is wonderful!


  15. mandalj says:

    The alcohol ink backgrounds of your cards are beautiful!


  16. Marisela Delgado says:

    Hi, I was able to fix the follow-up comments problem, remember? Anyway, great colors and great projects!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad that you were able to fix it . 😊


  17. Sue D says:

    These are all so pretty. I will have to get my alcohol inks out again and play.


  18. Deepti Aggarwal says:

    Beautiful set of cards..Love the bright and bold alcohol coloured background..Simply wow.. Hugs XX Deepti


  19. Mindy1414 says:

    Maryam you definitely got your mojo back, these cards are stunning! I love the vibrancy of alcohol inks and you used them to perfection and made amazing cards with them. Thank you for sharing and for all the inspiration.


  20. Oh my goodness!!! Your cards are really stunning and your colouring simply breathless!!! ❤


  21. Gilda says:

    Love your gorgeous cards. Thanks for the video and inspiration.


  22. Well, it looks like you found your mojo !!! That’s one incredible set of cards you’re sharing here !! They’re all so intense and so beautiful !! Love them all, no exceptions ! Thanks for the inspiration. Love, Marjorie


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