Pencile coloring over vellum..

Ok in this post I tried something new I tried no lie he colouring over vellum.. I s amped and made all my masking in other paper and fix the vellum above the stamped paper..

I used prismacolour pencils to colour these images and adding the details..

Here is my cad..

I placed the cad over a white card stock.. then over asilvrr foiled cardstock it made islike a lighting source for the card…

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Altenew February inspiration challenge..

SSS Monday challenge.. take a note


Alcohol ink cards..

Hi everyone.. I hope everything is going great with you..

Lately I was not in the mood of coloring and a little bit felling low.. and I want to return back so I thought I should change and do a little experience with alcohol ink.. I know every time when trying them I feel fresh and I do like the way they react and the vibrant results of the colors..

But they are hard to come with a really stunning card with them especially to use a stamp over .. I feel that they goes more with die cut over them..

Here is in this post some of my experiences with them. I wanted to try more a different paper and alternative to yupo paper..

In my fist card I use the yupo paper as my base cad stock I applied blending solution on the paper then I put many diffrent colors of the inks and let them blend and dry . I wanted my card to look like a marble so to make it like this I used tooth picks and tissue paper trying to add a little bit of the solution to fade the color and get the sharp lines..

To finish this card I used W&W a big hi die cut and the friend silver foiled card stock .

Here is the color that I have been used in this card

This card for these challenges..

W&W 4th birthday bash die cut challenge

W&W 4th birthday bash comeback challenge

I am still in love with the marbles card that taheerhah made .. so I comeback with a rainbow marbles card.

I know tha taheerah’s card are beyond the gourgous but I tried to comeback with these beauties..

SSS Monday challenge take a note.

SSS Wednesday challenge use a die cut


For my second card..

I use a cheep quality glossy card stock from my local craft store. It was on a big sheet. I didn’t

like the effect ..the paper absorbed lots of the ink which made it very hard to move them around and add the layer..I didn’t use the ranger glossy card stock today but it usually give me a middle result not that good like the yupo .. and not that bad lick the other glossy card stock..

I didn’t throw this piece and I used it in this cad background but I added a darker purple watercolor at the bottom end of the card to darken it and gives a little ombré effect..

I used stencile and the W&W stamp set and there matched die cut I framed it with black glitter card stock..

In this card I used 4 different material..

I am entering these challenges..

W&W 4th birthday bash die cut challenge

W&W 4th birthday bash four challenge I used 4 different martial.. vellum on the hi and the bottom strip . Card stock for the base , foam for the blu coloured hi , glitter card stock for the black fame

W&W 4th birthday bash use your scraps for the back glitter frame I usually have them handy if I want to place them in my cards . And I have to replace them after..

W&W 4th birthday bash watercolour with twist. I added a watercolour at the bottom end of the card to creat a little ombré effect.

W&W 4th birthday bash repetitive stamping challenge for the words hi..

ةW&W 4th birthday bash comeback challenge

I came back with this cone ad that Shay creat .. it was a great inspiration for my card.. I got this stencile becouse of this card ..

SSS Monday challenge take a note


For my 3rd experience attempt..

I usd the inks over vellum I do like the softness of these inks over vellum they blend wounderfly

I used the W&W wishing you stamp set

I used 4 inks colour in this card placed them over a grid card stock…

I am entering thes challenges..

W&W 4th birthday bash four challenge I used 4 inks color over the vellum background

W&W 4th birthday bash use your scraps. I used the sentiment wishing you it was in my sentimental scraps..

W&W 4th birthday bash inspiration challenge

Sss Monday take a note


For the 4 th trial I wanted to try them over an acetate. The good blending and being permanent and fast drying inks helped me a lot to creat this gorgeous color back ground .. to finish my tag I stamped the image with gold embossing from W&W kindness stamp . I colored it with water colour and copic ..

I am entering thes challenges.

W&W 4th birthday bash watercolor with a twist for the main image I used watercolor and markers.

W&W 4th birthday bash anything but a cad.


For my 5th trial I made many vellum colored background one of the was over saturated with inks and I wanted to life some of the inks from it I picked a silver foiled card stock was on my desk .. so after that I love the result I thought should do more colors but I liked the way of washed watercolor over the shiny foil paper..I made a shaker card out of it.. I used Many floral images from W&W products I while embossed them and I did a simple coloring with copic . I added a back dots around the images…

Here is my card..

I am entering these challenges..

W&W 4th birthday bash die cut challenge

W&W 4th birthday bash shaker challenge.

SSS Wednesday challenge.use a die cut


For my 6th trial I used a copic marker into yupo paper .. but here is my conclusion why it does not gave me a smooth blending.. I usually spray the paper with alcohol before applying the ink ..and spray more of the blending solution to get them blend well. But with markers it’s hard to spray the paper before using the marker .and the inks from the marker get dry faster than the one in the inks bottles.. but it’s a good option for adding color you don’t have it or add a vibrant lines to your background..

I finished this tag using a scraps of lots of the Maggie’s rose dies from W&W that I have in a zip bags.. with every challenge I die cut them to used them in a project and I forget to used them so I decided to give it a try this time.. I put it in a wide spaced tule to give it a grid effect beneath it.. love the contrast on this tag..

I am entering these challenges..

W&W 4th birthday bash die cut challenge

W&W 4th birthday bash four challenge I used 4 leaves in this tag..

W&W 4th birthday bash use your scraps I used old die cut of the flower and leaves..

W&W 4th birthday bash anything but a card

W&W 4th birthday bash grid challenge.. I used a tulle as my grid ..

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Last minute rainbow cards.

Hello everyone..

I discovered that I am late for Ellen Huston mix it up challenge for this month February and it with hero art ..

I have a few stamps set of hero art but I choose this old one I love these sentemiment and the Very basic simple flowers..

Here is my to card that I made..

In my first card it’s rainbow sentimental card.. I used essential by Ellen Clear Stamps, Abstract Paint abstain for the watercolour brush for the small font sentiment I masked the long watercolour brush stamp.. I used friend and these tiny flower from the heart art stamp set..

For my second card I used the same stamp set of the hero art and essential by Ellen I used the big oval stamp with multiple rainbow colour I have to add a little water to blend them togeather.. I stamped this simple flower , the butterfly and the sentiment from the hero ar stamp set..

I am entering these challenges..

Mixed it up Ellen Huston challenge.

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Winne and Walter 4th celebration.


I used W&W in bloom carolinas floral stamp set and hello die creat this repetitive stamping strawberries …

I am entering these challenges..

W&W four challenges with Shay ..I used 3 colour in this card red, plush pink, brown, and gold ..

W&W use your scraps challenge.

I used this sweetheart it was on a white paper but I colored it to Mach the card..

W&W inspiration challenge

W&W repetitive stamping challenge with crystal

W&W January inspiration challenge

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Creative watercolor media…

Hello everyone one..

In today post I made these cards.. they are so simple but I like be the outcome..

After I finished creative watercolour media at Altenew academy by Jennifer, deppy and Laura… .. it was had for me I wanted to make a cards only with the watercolor effect without adding an extra detail I wanted the cards to be soft and only the loose watercolor making the whole attraction on the card..

So here is my idea and my intake..

I used arabesques medallion altenew stamp image and stamped in on watercolor paper and embossed with white embossing powder.. used these colours from Altenew mini cubes inks( lagoon, parrot, red ruby, deep iris, lava rock) to loose colour this image..

I prevent my self hardly to add a pencil detail to add shadows … at the end I liked the soft blending watercolor effect it reminds me with the tiles ..especially with the silver mirror card at the edges..

For my second card I used altenew mini cubes to use it with smooching technique I used … I didn’t use any brush in this cad only with smooching inks on an acetate … I stamped this image from ladies day out.. I wanted only to make a background for this

I made an extra 2card.. they are so simple to creat these types of cards…

here is my 3rd card I used Altenew mini cube to creat his ombré background for the card I used Altenew stamp set from beautiful day card kit to white embossing over the ombré background.. nothing fancy on this card but all the effects come from this watercoloured background.. the sentiment from circular sentiment altenew stamp set..

In my 4th card I used a prima colour watercolour pastel plate to creat my back ground .. I draw a circles by pencil and I played with the watercolor … I add my details on the background by pencil I draw these stitched circular around … I colored these butterflies by copic add the sentiment inside the circular .. may be this card have more details I added to the background after I coloured it but it’s an example who you can creat a lovely cad even with a little material and depend more of n your watercolored background..

These are my Super simple cards without adding a detail on the images all the work was on the watercoloured background…

Altenew education certification program i choice my 3rd card for this class.. simple and new to me..

Monday sss resist it challenge for both of my cards..

Stamploration mixed media February challenge pain it red.

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Making cards with a twist..

After I finished my class made card with a twist at Altenew acadamy a great and I learned a lot from Therese….I learned a very interesting and inspiring technique and way to make my card more attractive and lovely…

I made several card after this class here is such me of my cards..

In my first card..

I used the new flower die cut set with diffrent colours to creat my card..I made a circular edge die cut .. I used Layered Medallion A & B Stencil Bundle Altenew.. i Used the many pink and yellow for blending with blending tool. but with photo it seems like a gray.. I add the final touches with hello die cut from Altenew and some sequins..

For my second card..

I used the same idea with a simple design I used altenew for the lovely dress I add Tull to the dress and add more accessory.. I add a soft vellum behind it to give this soft look to my card…

For my 3rd card.. it was totally different.. I combined between the unexpected and untraditional baby cards colors and the die cut background card in this card.. I used altenew little one die cut for creating the background..

For 4 th card I made a super simple card for a boy welcoming card with die cut window I

I am entering these challenges..

Altenew education certification program I am entering with my 3rd card… although I love my frost and the second one more ..but I found this card more suitable with this class with all the twists on it ..

Altenew January inspiration challenge

I am entering with my first card … I really adore this die cut and I enjoyed making this card…

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Beyond basic background..

In the eyound basic back ground class at Altenew academy taught by Lydia Evians.. ..

There as lots of new ideas that the lovely Lydia showed us..

I mad two cards..

The first one was the distress ink background with stamping with water …I used distress oxide it reacts well with water you can see the colour that I used I used golden garden stamp set ..add to xtra detail one it with gold jell pen.

For my second card I use treasure garden leave die cut to creat a setencile I made ombré background with altenew inks pad.. stamped them with gold embossing powder..

Here is my card.

I wish you to both of my cards..

I am entering these challenges with..

Altenew education certification program at Altenew academy

Am entring with my first card..

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Adding beautiful details

Hi everyone these cards here I tried to add details in my cards .. after singing for lots of Altenew academy classes .. this class is a must for everyone in coloring or cardmaking I was totally in a big wow for all the videos that a extremely Talented Marika Rahtu in beautiful Details class at Altenew…

I made many cards and this class encourages me to overcome lots of my fear and add my own details on the pre made stamps..

Here is some of the cards that I made …

In my first card .. it was a my 1st trial but I like the effect ..

I used some 2nd and 3rd layer stamps from altenew winter roses to creat these flower with black marker and sss gray inks ..add more details with pink glitter gel pen and some nuvo drops ..

For my second attempt for the same technique using the second and small other generation of stamped to creat my card .. and I love this examination mark to add the ends of the flower and the tiny small is my attempt




Here is the scrap paper that I tried in a paper before stamping them into the card stock..

For my second trial for another technique was in this class I used no line water coloring for coloring the base of my card then I add details with pencils prismacolour  colors and black pen..

Here is my card..





I made an extra card.. it was not in the class but as I told you it really encouraged me to try new technique that I never even thought I would try.. this ne I never saw it in any blog before adding detail in to the embossed image with marker..

In this card I was playing with the embossing powder for the impassive heat embossing.. and I couldn’t prevent my self to add extra details on the embossed image after I colored them with watercolour.. At the end I love it as my first trial but I would like to play more with. This technique may be in the near future…



I am entering these challenges..

Altenew education certification program at Altenew academy

I am entering with my 3rd card..

Altenew January inspiration challenge I am entering with my 3rd card and 4th card..

SSS Wednesday layer it up

With my 2nd card.



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wish you hav like to f beautiful Details in your life..



Impressive Heat Embossing

Hell everyone..

If you follow me you will notice that I was lucky to be part of Altenew education certification program..I deeply love all the technique in all these classes and I have a problem not to try more than one technique or inspiration for every class I even don’t show all my cards that I tried ..

For today post I was inspired by Sveta in her class Impressive Heat Embossing at Altenew acadamy ..

in my first card ..

I used gold glitter embossing powder and I colored my card with distress ink blending with Doppler…to creat a simple simple card.. I had send aAltenew wild hibiscus clear stamp set.. add Cora details on the center with clear glitter nuvo drops..

blending tool

This is my second card idea … I love layering flowe and for sure using embossing powder made an amazing dimensions in my flowers.. I enjoyed the card in the class used this technique..

I usd 4 type of embossing powder.. first one in the very bottom layer I used the clear embossing powder on the card directly for the leaf and on vellum after I stamped winter roses leaves with gray ink pad …for the fist layer in the flower .. I used clear embossing powder after I stamped it with colored ink and clear ink for embossing… I used after that an Altenew rose gold embossing powder.. then chunky pink rose glitter embossing powder..

It was my first time to try Altenew winter roses stamp set …

I am entering these challenges,,

Altenew Education certification program assignment gallery..

Hello’ everyone

.. these cards are part of my creation inspired by in altenew in the mood of colour class ..

This class was made by Stephanie Klauck.. I enjoyed all the videos..and I love all the color combinations she used..

I made two card with one of my favorite colors (rainbow) .. the rainbow colors usually make me happy and brighten my day ..

Here is my fist card..

I love this feather and all the happy dream stamp set elements.. I used the feather to creat rainbow background with it die cut the altenew happy die cut add vellum beneath the happy word with two words in tags so and for you I tied them to the word die cut..

This is my second card..

I stamped the same feather with the rainbow pattern and die cut the cardstock then I stamped my sentement from altenew circular stamp set add the h lol signature die cut over the rainbow feathers add some star from star die cut from Altenew card kit to the card ..

My 3rd card was inspired by the green color combination .. I like be greens two so calming and relaxing ..

Here is my card I used the same happy dream stamp set with the dreamy leaves ones..

Here is my card

I am entering these challenges..

I altenew education program ..

I am entering with the green cards..

Monday sss bird of feather

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