The world in rainbow

Two weeks, ago I bought bunch needle for my doughter and she like it.

I wwas inspired with here creation to do this one..

For my main entry I create this craft piece..

stamped the world image with Altenew rainbow ink pad over embroidery purlap.. I place them in a embroidery hook and I stared to imitate the meddle work..

It is pretty even with only stamping..

Here is the card that I stamped

I used rainbow colored thread. For the green, orange and purple I didn’t like the color I have so I colored a white one with Copic to the color I like before stitching.

I llove the end took me some time to finish and I had to change the deep Purple. I felt like it is odd.

I made this mini one with my doughter

The one in the ring is mine, the other one is my dd..

Closer look for the one I made just for trial..

I llike this rainbow one. I hope you like it too..

I am entering altenew sewing challenge

I hhope you have a great day..


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