AECP Altenew level 2 project ..Ramadan decoration

Hello everyone,

I was super busy making this project.. it’s for altenew level 2 final challenge .. I enjoyed making all these project..and what I love more about this program (AECP) that it pushed me out of my comfortable zone and to creat a new things that I never thought I can do them. For level 2 final challenge our lovely AECP coordinator Virginia asked us to make a 3D home decoration


one month andramadan will come so soon , I usually make my decoration 2 days before it . In this year I am so thankful for altenew AECP for helping me to make all the work in advance.. this project I made for Altenew AECP level 2 challenge.

I didn’t finish all my items for this challenge but I really wanted to submit it in altenew best project in there 4th celebration.. although i am still working on one of these projects (a little technical issues ) and on making the videos, but I couldn’t resist submitting it..

on every project you will see that I used at least one f altenew product .

I made this candle decoration for the first project. It was the simplest and the easiest one to make it (between you and me it’s my favourite one-so simple and elegant ) .

⬆️ I used Altenew mosaic dome die cut over a gold glittered foam to creat this lovely die cut I glue it over a glitter led candle..


For my second project , I made this candle holder . I die cut the a dodec cover die over a gold foam and I glue it over a small glass cup.


For the wall I made the Islamic themed hanging, I used Altenew dodec star die cut over blue and green cardstock , and gold cardstock with the altenew mosaic dome die .

for my 4 th ones .. is the hanged or on table frame .. I love all the Eid, Ramadan altenew product..on the 1st one on the wall you will find that I combined both altenew stamp set, Eid al Adhaa, and Ramadan greeting into my cad with loose watercolor.. for the second one I used altenew layering stencile over a card stock and I used altenew simple shape circle stamp set to creat mooon changes that happen in this month.

For the 3rd one that I hanged on the tree branches I used Altenew Ramadan greeting and Eid al adhaa stamp set with powder watercolor and misting it. For the 4th and the last and the my favorite one is I used alcoholic ink over a glass of the frame I put a white card stock with n the middle and I used this lovely alphabetic sticker from Altenew card kit .⬇️🔻

You can see them here on my YouTube channel


Ramadan moon calendar

New altenew frame for Ramadan





Next is the Eid count down calendar l mad small bage and decorate it with layering stencile . I hanged most of them over the tree branches

If you are interesting who I made them here is my YouTube link

Hanging mini gift bag{{{{{{{{{{{______________Next is the easy made decorative pillow, i cut the fabric and I even saw it on my hand the I used altenew dodec star to cut gold glitter iron on vellum , i pattern them on the edges on one of the pillows. For the second one I used altenew over the gold glitter iron on vellum and I cut them them I used the iron to adhere then in to the fabric.. I really love it so much .. I even will put them on the sofa in Ramadan.

You can see the video over my YouTube channel.

Decorative pillows


For the next project I photo this model trial but it’s not the final one, as I told you I got some technical issue I hope I will fix it tomorrow.


I made some shakers and I left them over the table for fun..

Here is a photos for all the decoration I made this year 2018 for Ramadan welcoming ..




I made some new items and some changes in the one that i had some technical difficulties..

Here is my new items..


My first project which is the one that I had the difficulties

The rotators lighted dome

I made this manual rotatory lighting dome display after I changed my plane from electrical to manual one if you are interesting to see my story you can click on this you tube link to see who I ended to creat this one..

Rotatary dome display for Ramadan

I used the magical spinner toy to make the display.


Second of them is this hand made electric light project shown the moon phases for this holy month . I used a simple electrical circuit with a light and switch ..I used mosaic dome die cut from altenew to cover this light .

Very simple and easy to make it took me a hour to creat I took time to figure out how to do my connection.

After I recorded the video I made a little changes I made it a one dome and I used some stencile on the paper to match the them of the other decoration..

You can find the link on this YouTube link


Lighted dome with Ramadan moon changes




For the matched card I made two card that I really love them so much .

My first card was created with altenew Ramadan greating stamp set over black card stock and I cut them . I used many distress oxide inks for the glossy background it’s really an amazing background if you are interesting to watch who I made it you can see it here in this link .

Ramadan card 1

Here is the photo of my card ..


For my second card it was the same idea of one of the hanging frames over the tree but I made another one and I turned into a card..

Here is the video how I creat it ..

Altenew card2



… I hope you like these ideas..


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  1. Virginia Lu says:

    Maryam, your design sense and techniques totally come through in this huge project for Ramadan! I am kind of speechless after seeing each piece that you created! I love love the color scheme that you chose and your design with each piece is so well thought-out and awesome! I applaud you for your effort and time, but most of all, thank you for sharing your talent with us at AECP!! Congratulations on nailing this challenge!


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